3 companies with one mission: Serve people well

OrthoLinks Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, LLC

OrthoLinks Orthopedics got it's start in 2017 in Tampa, FL. It started with the simple goal of serving people well. A small private practice in the place and time where few small practices still remained. The practice became the go to practice for people who desired personal care, price transparency, and a sense of fairness that has escaped the medical practices over the years. We have now turned our focus on serving the patients of rural areas in America with the same level care you would have received in Tampa, FL

OrthoLinks Performance Center


OrthoLinks Care Foundation, INC

OrthoLinks Orthopedics has relocated to Kentucky to partner with rural hospitals and clinics to provide orthopedic services to their patients. Our unique program is able to serve the needs of the hospital, clinic, and patient. We look forward to raising the bar for orthopedic care in your town soon!

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